BARE Nixie Wetsuit Ultra Women’s 3/2MM


The BARE Nixie Wetsuit for women is a stylish and versatile wetsuit that inspires adventure and celebrates self-confidence. A fashion-forward design that hugs and flatters the natural lines of the female form. Nixie Ultra features a proprietary blend of neoprene materials, Progressive Full-Stretch construction and OMNIRED Infrared Technology. It’s BARE’s greatest innovations in design and development blending together, for longer, more comfortable dives.

* Grey Heather with Pink Stitching

* Velcro adjustment on collar features a booklet style Suit Save to stop snags and catches.

* Glideskin collar for maximum seal and reduced flushing keeping you warm.

* Seamless underarms for superior comfort when worn on its own, with an additional wet layer or with a BCD.

* Zipper at front of neck for added comfort.

* Armor Flex kneepads to protect against snares and abrasions.

* Loop atthe base of zipper to assist in getting into your suit.

* Heavy-duty ankle zippers for easy donning and doffing.

* Long back zipper for easy donning.

* Flatseam construction throughout for stretch and comfort.

* Rolled Glideskin wrist seals.

* Heavy-duty ankle zippers for easy donning and doffing.