Halcyon Evolve 40 BCD System


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The Halcyon Evolve maintains a novel, industry first-design. This unique circular wing provides unprecedented control, allowing divers to easily fine tune their buoyancy, regardless of diving position. Individuals diving in all environments will appreciate the ease of adjustment and the streamlined, cylinder-hugging design of the Evolve. Whether swimming or scootering, the Evolve cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency, encouraging less effort and more diving enjoyment. SPECS: * CE-certified Evolve Buoyancy Compensator (wing) – available in 40-lb. (18-kg) lift capacity * Stainless steel backplate in standard size * Complete Secure Harness – infinitely adjustable and designed to fit you perfectly * Halcyon H2 Spec Storage Pack for convenient stowage of lift devices * Inflator with 22″ (52 cm) LP hose comes standard on Halcyon wings