Halcyon Flare Handheld Light


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Halcyon Flare Handheld 2.6 Ah Light This light represents a new age in the evolution of LED primary lights. Powered by a unique LUX engine, this light uses two reflectors and a Fresnel lens to provide full-focus adjustability with amazing output and greatly reduced power consumption. This light produces about twice the output of a 21 watt HID while drawing less than half the power. The Halcyon Flare is a fixed-focused beam in a compact housing. The Flare has three sealed compartments, isolating the LED core, the driver, and the cable gland. High performance capacity is further augmented by a fully adjustable handle, which can be set for left or right hand operation. These unique features are powered by a small but powerful battery capable of providing more than five hours longevity on full power. Given the robust design and amazing performance it is hard to believe this unique lighting package weights less than three pounds, making an excellent travel and all-purpose diving light. 2.6-amp hour Lithium battery pack w/ approx. 2.25 hours burn time The adjustable power switch may be set to Off, Medium, or High power. Comes with charger and reversible handle. Retail Price: $1115.00