Halcyon Infinity 30 BCD System



The Halcyon buoyancy compensator is designed to meet the demands of any diving environment. Carefully tailored shapes support reduced drag, and greater in-water efficiency. Halcyon’s careful attention to detail, together with a long history with extremely active explorers, have culminated in ruggedly functional design. Halcyon’s unique Infinity 30 BCD System provides improved comfort and safety on the surface with perfect buoyancy and trim.

* Inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams.

* 30lb. (14-kg) lift capacity

* Inflator & 22″ LP hose

* Stainless steel backplate = 6lbs negative buoyancy

* Convertible 6lbs weighted stainless steel single tank adapter or 1lb. standard stainless steel single tank adapter

* ACB10 integrated weight pockets

* Halcyon Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness

* Quick-Adjust crotch strap

* Deluxe Harness Pads: shoulder and backplate