Mares Pure Wire Mask

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The Pure Wire dive mask is single lens and guarantees an excellent fit and wide field of view. The ability to change the frame structure makes it customisable and ultra-modern. The silicone face shield has both shiny and opaque sections that enclose a single piece of glass, guaranteeing a perfect seal over time. It is moulded using anti-allergic liquid silicone for durability and superior comfort. Its special shape allows it to adapt perfectly to any face shape. The frame is stylish and easily interchangeable with different color options, providing easy customization. The dual-material technopolymer construction offers mechanical strength while supporting the mask skirt thanks to its special “soft grip”, also ensuring a better grip when placing the mask on the face.

The main features of the Pure-Wire diving mask are:

* Interchangeable bi-material frame

* The soft grid gives more support to the face piece and improves grip when wearing the mask

* Extremely comfortable silicone face piece suitable for a wide variety of face shapes