Mares Star Elite Mask – Black


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The Mares Star Elite Mask was created specifically for spear fishing and free diving, offering a better field of vision paired with the smallest possible volume, thanks to the angled lenses and the extremely reduced eye lens distance. Utilizing new types of silicone help eliminate undesirable fogging, and the dual button ergonomic buckles make it even easier to adjust the strap. The Star Elite features a mono-silicone skirt and special lenses that can hide the fisherman’s eyes to avoid startling fish as the hunter shifts their gaze. The Star Elite Mask has a dual tempered safety glass lenses, a double feathered edge black silicone rubber skirt and wide split mask strap that combined for comfortable fit and great seal on the face. Mask is equipped with an easy to reach nose pocket that allows one handed ear equalization even when wearing gloves. Mask comes with a mask box.