Scubapro Steel Comp Mask

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The ultimate freediving mask, the, dual lens STEEL COMP is particularly well-suited to deep diving. It has the lowest possible internal volume so equalizing is easy. Plus, on descents the mask itself compresses, so equalization is not required as often. The black and white skirts are both very effective at blocking out light reflection at depth, while the clear skirt allows a lot of light in when diving in darker waters. The soft skirt and buckle system allow for a comfortable, watertight fit on most faces.

* Scaled-down size is ideal for smaller divers or those with narrow faces.

* Flat, Ultra Clear, scratch-resistant glass guarantees a distortion-free view of the underwater world.

* Premium supple silicone comfortably fits a range of faces.

* Rotating buckles work with a micro-adjustable strap to achieve a comfortable, watertight fit.

* Note: with the Steel Comp, as water pressure increases the bridge between the lenses bends slightly and squeezes the mask tighter to the face. The only noticeable indication of this is a brief change in vision as the eyes need a split second to adjust. However, because of this the Steel Comp is not recommended for scuba diving.