Scubapro Tropic 1.5mm Gloves


The ever-popular Tropic 1.5mm dive glove now features a new eye-pleasing material pattern and comes in colors that match SCUBAPRO's new UPF Collection. Stylish looks aside, this updated tropical glove still features a 1.5mm neoprene back for comfort and warmth, plus an Amara palm to protect against infection-prone finger cuts when grasping barnacle-encrusted dive ladders in tropical waters. * Reinforced fingertips and palm increase durability while ensuring a non-slip grip. * Amara fabric layer on palm is resistant to punctures and remains soft when dry. * Velcro wrist seal is adjustable to ensure a snug fit. * Made from X-Foam, a limestone neoprene, petroleum-free, and compliant with strict PAH requirements. SCUBAPRO was the first to offer this, better protecting divers and our oceans.