Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask

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The Zoom is a low volume dual-lens mask that is ideal for all divers, but is especially well-suited to divers who use optical lenses. The mask has a new lens-change system that enables you to switch lenses yourself, without tools, in less than a minute. Featuring spray-painted sub-frames in colors matching Seawing Nova fins, HYDROS PRO BCDs and the UPF Collection of rash guards, steamers and leggings, the Zoom offers a universal fit and includes an integrated buckle design that is compatible with the Comfort Strap.

* Silicone near the mask frame is thicker and firmer with a matte finish for additional support and rigidity.

* Convenient lens-change system for divers who use optical lenses.

* Lens-change system lets you change the lenses yourself, without tools, in less than a minute.

* Ultra Clear no-tint glass provides optimal clarity under water.

* Low volume design makes clearing easy.

* Universal fit ensures a comfortable, watertight fit.

* Integrated buckles make adjustments easy.

* Equipped with a standard silicon strap and compatible with optional Comfort Straps.