Brand:XS Scuba

XS Scuba Voyager 60 Roller Duffel Bag


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Don’t be fooled by the good looks! The Voyager 60 is, above all else, a dive bag. Divers don’t just roll on slick airport floors, we walk on docks, climb over rocks, roll through dirt. We subject our bags to salt and sand. This is exactly why you want the Voyager 60. The all-terrain wheels , coupled with backpack straps and 5 handles, gets your bag to your dive destination with ease. The Voyager 60 will not rust and can be hosed out after each outing.

– Clever, double-duty external cinch straps
– All-terrain wheels take on all kinds of surfaces and can even be replaced
– Internal fin straps keep fins straight along bag’s sidewalls
– A large, secondary compartment keeps clothes and towels separate from your dive gear
– An accessory pocket is hand for parts, tools, and small items.