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about American Diving

In 1985, Captain Tim O’Leary founded American Diving. He made the move from the commercial diving industry to the sport diving community. Since that time American Diving has been introducing divers of all levels to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of South Padre Island.

Est.  1985

Our Dive Boat

Our dive boat, the Diver 1, is built to comfortably take our divers to the wrecks off the coast of South Padre Island. Our focus is on safety and our dive staff is friendly, detail-oriented and makes every effort to ensure your dives are memorable ones! The Diver 1 is 60 feet in length and features an air conditioned cabin and a dive platform that sits inches above the water.

The Diver I

Our Tour Boat

In 1988, as a way to stay busy during the slow times, we began taking visitors out on our dive boat to watch dolphin. What began as a way to stay busy has grown into a main component of South Padre Island’s burgeoning eco-tourism. The Double Sunshine is now our primary dolphin watch and tour boat.

The Double Sunshine