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Gulf of Mexico

Diving South Padre Island

Scuba diving requires you to complete a certification course to be able to dive with us. Please check our training section for information on becoming dive certified.

American Diving has been introducing divers of all skill levels to the Gulf of Mexico waters off the coast of South Padre Island for over 35 years. Our dive boat, the Diver 1, has been specially outfitted for diving in the Gulf of Mexico. To go diving with us, ALL divers must be scuba Certified by an accredited training agency. Advanced level training and capabilities are recommended. Diving in the Gulf of Mexico presents unique challenges for divers. Changing currents, sea conditions and visibility are all things out of our control.

Our dive sites are located, on average, 15 miles from shore. The Gulf of Mexico is composed on a mud and sand bottom. There are no coral reefs near the shoreline. Therefore, we need structure underwater to have interesting places to dive and attract marine life. Our main dive site is the Texas Clipper, a 450 ft artificial reef located 17 miles from shore. 

Rig Dive

Diving on the Oil Rigs of the Gulf of Mexico

2 tank trip

The Premiere Dive in the State of Texas

2 tank trips

RGV Reef

90 Foot Shrimp Boat part of the RGV Reef

2 Tank Trip

2021 Dive Season

The 2021 dive season at American Diving South Padre Island is scheduled to run from April 3rd through September 12. All trips are weather permitting. We do our best to predict sea conditions based on available weather reports from NOAAFor your safety, we do not take divers out in seas 3-5 feet or above.

Weather Forecast

National Weather Service Marine Forecast FZUS54 KBRO

Live Buoy Data

Station 42020 - 60NM SSE of Corpus Christi, TX